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Malaysian Mink 13x4 Hd Frontal lace piece

Malaysian Mink 13x4 Hd Frontal lace piece

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Searching for the ultimate flawless look? You've come to the right place! Our Ultra HD lace frontal will leave you speechless with its seamless finish. The best of the best is right here at your fingertips. Shop the thinnest lace or the market by adding this game-changer to your cart! The frontal gives you a natural scalp-like finish with no damage to your hair. 

Product details : 

hd invisible lace 13x6 frontal

It really makes hair look like it grows out of your scalp. A lace frontal is a great confidence booster for women experiencing hair loss, making it perfect for those also looking for new hairstyles to explore. You get ear-to-ear full coverage no hair left out.

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Common questions

When will my order arrive ?

Custom wigs = It is a 14-22 day production time to get the hair and custom make it. Shipping time is added once the custom wig is done. Please be patient, order your wig in advance this is a custom-made process that takes time. 

Pickup usally ready in 5 days = once the production time is done, you can pickup or book your free wig install.

Ready made wigs= It’s a 3-5 production day and shipping time. These wigs do not come styled, and it shipped directly to your address, installment is not included.

Bundles and lace = its a 3-7 days production time, shipping is usally 3 days.

What type of hair is Malaysian Mink

Mink Malaysian hair is the highest-quality virgin Malaysiann hair. This quality ensures that your Malaysian mink hair is extremely silky and soft. The hair isnt super thick just a natural density with low shine.

What type of hair is Raw Indian?

12a Raw Indian hair is lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair. Its beautiful texture and naturally dark color work well for hair weaving applications. The hair is extremely resilient and takes heat and color extremely well compared to other hair extensions. 

How do I schdule a hair and installment?

For bundles and install

In menu bar click Book Now, from our service list pick - Giifti Hair and Install Package Deal.

For custom wig and install

After placing a custom wig order your first installment is free. Once your wig is done Giifti will contact you to book installment day.

Hd Frontal Vs Hd Closure which is better ?

 HD lace gives you a sense of invisible lace. Because HD lace is thinner it tends to have a much shorter wear time. Therefore, it needs to be replaced more frequently. 

Frontal = This means that the hairline on these items will cover the entire length of your front hairline.

Closure= This mean that the hairline will cover partial of your front hairline, great for beginners.