Melted Transparent Closure Wig 😮‍💨😮install |Making your wigs super sleek and flat ft - Giifti - The gift to your hair

Melted Transparent Closure Wig 😮‍💨😮install |Making your wigs super sleek and flat ft

Hey Gifti Babes, It's time for another bomb installment video, so I hope you are ready for my tips and tricks on how to create scalp like realistic effects. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and turn on your post notifications so you won't skip a beat on all the secret recipes  I have for you on how to achieve these bomb looks. 


                                Why is the meltdown important?

   It takes the lace and blends into skin for a more sleek natural finish. It provides a more natural hairline which is always appreciated and will make you stand out from the rest.

                                       Things you will need:

1. Holding Spray- helps reduce frizzy hair while providing resistance against humidity

2.Hot Comb- used to create a smoother hair texture to give your wig that smooth sleek finished look

3. Rattail comb- Used to precisely part hair to desired side that you or your client wants. 

4. Gifti lace melting band- Used to lay down edges in place for that very smooth finished look

5. Hair Serum/heat protector cream- coats the hair, providing shine and protection against humidity.

                                         How to Step by step: 

1. Use rattail comb to part out parting space that yourself or the client wants

2. Use holding spray to set part in place

3. Use hot comb to lay part down for that sleek finish

4. Style hair as desired

                         Still need more tips?  Watch full video here


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