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Hyper Moisture 💦 natural 4B/4C hair routine 🚨

Hey Giifti Babes! If you apart of the natural hair community and you need tips and tricks on a simple wash day routine without the extra hassle then this is for you. 

                                         Things you will need

  • Hair mayonnaise 
  • Olive oil shampoo and hair lotion
  • Peppermint tea tree shampoo
  • Mixture of natural hair oils



                                           How to step by step

    • Detangle hair and wet hair with lukewarm water
    • Lather your hair, scalp and edges with olive oil shampoo( this will clean your hair)
    • Rinse the shampoo out of your hair then put the peppermint tea tree shampoo in hair(great stimulant for hair growth
    • Rinse the peppermint tea tree shampoo out of hair 
    • Separate hair into sections and add hair mayonnaise for weak and damaged hair
    • Use detangling brush starting from the tips of your hair up to the roots. Use one hand to hold hair while using opposite hand to hold brush
    • Add oils to hair and this will seal the moisture 
    • Put your hair into two strand twists then use a plastic bag or shower cap as a heat cap
    • Keep on your hair for a few hours 
    • Style hair as desired for finished look


                                           Watch full video here


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