Pro tutorial on how to pluck your edges for a flawless finished look

Hey Giifti Babes!!! I hope you are ready for yet another bomb video with more tips and tricks on how to get your lace front wig looking FABULOUS. In this video I will be teaching you step by step  tips on how to pluck your lace from wig to give it a more  natural, sleek finish. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe so you won't miss a beat. 

                     Watch full video here


                                        Things you will need

1. Slanted tweezers

2. Hot comb

                                         How to Step by Step

1. Use slanted tweezer to pick the hair at the root, close the tweezer and pull away. You can pluck in front of the hair, behind the hair or on the hair.

2. Use hot comb to press out the roots as you go, flatten the roots to see how much more plucking is needed.

3. As you continue plucking you will notice that your hair is thinning out

4. Repeat steps until you have achieved your desired hair line

 The method of plucking is to pick the tiny hairs off the lace by using the tweezer and pushing it back one step at a time. Once you do that you are creating a gradient effect and you are removing the bulkiness on the hair.