How to change parting on a closure wig | middle or side? 5x5 hd Peruvian straight hair

Hey Giifti Babes, In this blog I will be teaching you how to change the parting on any wig that you may have. It could be a lace frontal or a closure wig. Changing the part on a wig comes with just a few easy steps. Please don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and visit and  continue to look forward to more great content because you won't be disappointed. 

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                                        Things you will need


1. Hot comb

2. Rose Gold Wand Curler

3. Holding Spray- 

Step by Step how to : 

1. Take a rattail comb and part it to the side that you want

2. Use holding spray of your choice to spray down where the part is to keep it in place.

3. Use hot comb or curl wand to press down on part

4. Style hair as desired


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